Cardona International Sports Centre (CISC) is located in Cardona, a town with 5.000 inhabitants at the province of Barcelona. Its characteristics, its places, its facilities and its location —one hour away from Barcelona—make the village an ideal place for the realisation of high-performance training programs.

The village offers peace of mind for work and security around players. Its temperature during the Summer also allows a higher quality of training and a greater rest for the players.

Cardona’s local government —that in 1991 proclaimed Valentí Fuster an Adoptive Son of the village— is fully involved in our program.


During the first phase (2019-2020) we are going to use the municipal facilities already existent. We count on the Active Life Camp (“Camp de Vida Activa”), which has all the highest quality training requirements. It is at Cardona downtown and consists of an approved football pitch of artificial lawn, athletics track and seven totally equipped changing rooms. We have also three more sports fields of the same characteristics and with high-quality equipment in Cardona’s surroundings. This allows us to provide quality to the trainings and avoid the overcrowding. We also have at our disposal a gym area to complement the aerobic work, always following the guidelines of our professionals.

Beside the Active Life Camp, there is the municipal sports pavilion and a water zone with three swimming pools, that has specialized monitors for the practice of sports, leisure and relaxation activities. Furthermore, Cardona has designed and signalled several healthy routes that go all over the surroundings of the township.

For the theoretical work, we will use the Auditori Valentí Fuster, equipment that was used for the first time in 2017 and which has a capacity for 407 people. It is an ideal place to host the inaugurations and the closing ceremonies of the programs, and so that professional players at active and former players can offer talks.


The second phase will start the second quarter of the 2020. Cardona’s International Sports Center (CISC) headquarters will be built, with two football pitches of natural lawn. A complete gymnasium also will be done with everything a professional player needs: a sports medicine area, a water area with heated pool, video classrooms, conference rooms and an office building.


The third phase is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022 and will involve an extension of the installations, with another football pitch of natural lawn and with the adaptation of the Hotel Bremon -located in the historic centre and next to the Active Life Camp- as a residence for professional teams, with capacity for 40 people.


Cardona has counted on a Community Health Program (‘Healthy Communities’) for 10 years, carried out by the SHE – La Caixa Foundation (Science, Health & Education), also led by Dr. Valentí Fuster. The foundation runs comprehensive health programs amongst a population that, with the intervention, is becoming more and more aware of the importance of acquiring healthy habits to reduce cardiovascular diseases. The foundation has also helped provide the village with new facilities, such as the Active Life Camp or the Auditori Valentí Fuster.


Cardona has a hotel offer of 216 rooms, with a total of 414 hotel vacancies. The Vilar Rural, with a capacity for more than 200 players, has large green areas and two swimming pools, one of which is covered during the cold months, which allows its use at any time of the year. The other hotel rooms are distributed between Hotel Bremon, La Premsa Hotel Rural, el Parador de Turisme and several tourist flats (see full list). These hotel beds can be doubled within a radius of 15 kilometres.


Cardona is known worldwide for its salt mines and its castle. It also has a beautiful historical centre, declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest (“Bé Cultural d’Interès Nacional”) in the category of historical set